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Etzen-Gesäß lies in the lovely Mümling Valley, north of Bad König on the Highway 45 (B45), which is part of the so called “German holiday road” from the Alps to the Baltic Sea in this section.


Fürstengrund ist located at a quiet and idyllic side valley of the Mümling, away from traffic and traffic noise. It lies at the Weilbach in north-east of Bad König.


Kimbach lies embedded in meadows and forests in a beautiful side valley of the Mümling. Near the village, Kimbach creek rises, which flows to Bad König into the Mümling. Kimbach is located east of Bad König. The Odenwaldbaum in Kimbach is a destination for many hikers.


Momart is located southeast of Bad König on a plateau, away from hustle and bustle and traffic and is surrounded by impressive nature. From here, you have a wonderful panoramic view. The over 600 year old Momart Oak is a popular attraction for hikers and Joggers.


Nieder-Kinzig is located northwest of Bad König in a delightful western side valley of the Mümling. Tranquility and tranquility characterize the townscape of Nieder-Kinzig.


Ober-Kinzig is located northwest of Bad König at the start of the Kinzig valley. A place to visit, that lies nearby is the so-called Haselburg, a Roman "villa rustica" from the 2nd century AD, which is one of the largest re-discovered Roman, non-military installations behind the Limes. Gumpersberg is a hamlet on the east side of the ridge, the so-called Böllsteiner Höhe, in the immediate vicinity of Ober-Kinzig.


Zell is located south of Bad König next to the Highway 45 (B45), which is part of the so called “German holiday road” from the Alps to the Baltic Sea in this section. Zell is the largest district of Bad König and also has significant, environmentally friendly industry. Zell has its own railway station and is surrounded by magnificent mixed forests and is thus the starting point of many marked hiking trails.

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